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Turkish Hemp Rugs



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It’s the feeling I got years ago when I first saw Moroccan rugs thrown all over the sealed cement floors at the Shore Club in Miami. Paired with low slip covered linen furniture, to me it was just right. Though the Moroccan rug has risen to the top and trickled its way down to West Elm- I still adore that lobby. I’ve been looking for something a little different, still muted, and natural. These Turkish rugs fit the bill. I think they’d look great layered with black and white stripes, or other sisal like natural materials they’d also go quite nicely with my olive jar dreams. Love the patches, and antique washes.

Olive Jars

oliveolive2olive3olive6Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.24.39 AMolive8olive9Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.31.35 AMolive10olive11

While I should be researching mattresses… I digress. Prior to having a home I was roaming around and came upon antique olive jars. I ran my hands along one of the large voluptuous beauties and felt an instant connection. I love them in the garden, the bathroom, grouped in corners. So beautiful, looking to collect a few of my own.

h(air) dry



Getting a blow dry replaced the ‘going out top.’ It made white tee’s suitable, flats all good- just gave me that sense of a little something more. As my hair grows- slowly but surely- I’ve had much time to ponder my hair goals. Not sure the ‘jo blow’ I invented with my hairdresser a few years back (it’s a slight wave, exhorbatent body at the crown) will evoke the sensation of being ‘done.’ It’s that undone we seek- Contrary to what French girl’s say, air drying doesn’t always prove best, I’d like an air dry option on the menu, not sure how it would be executed but I’d pay for it.

With a little white paint…


It’s around this time I begin to consider what I’d give up for a sweet inviting place to call mine on a patch of greenery, by the lake. Though I’m sure it could spiral into much more, I imagine needing several buckets of white paint, a great flea market, and a little help from my friends, to realize the dream. I picture living quaintly, built in bunks fit for adults, maximizing the small space- baskets of fresh fruit, killer playlists, and fresh white linens… and a dock… and my peeps.



Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of Glossier



Priming Moisturizer


Phase I Kit


Perfecting Skin Tint

I have an easier time navigating a used tire shop than a Sephora. Makeup just isn’t my jam, nor have a ever found a beauty routine worthy of comitment. Honestly, my products consist of hand me downs from my mom, little vials of samples, and nars lipsticks that i smear off before walking out the door. Until… now. I have two products from Glossier, Perfecting Skin Tint, and Priming moisturizer. The combo of the two leave my skin feeling plump, dewy, and slightly sun kissed. Since adopting these miracle workers I’ve been complimented on my tan- to which is due to no sunshine at all. I love the whole concept- aquiring the bare essentials, a light, concise makeup bag, not a thing more than you need. I’d place applying my Priming moisturizer neck and neck with my morning coffee- just as imperitive, and equally as delightful. I now find myself watching Emily Weiss perform her morning routine on YouTube, reading Into the Gloss on the daily, for the first time intrigued and devoted to sticking to my regiment.

Adidas Tubular X Primeknit


tubular x primeknit

tubular x primeknit





Maybe I’m clouded by Yeezy- and the confusion based around loving the collection- but-I’m seeing Adidas in a whole new light. I love the looks of these 90’s throwback Primeknits. It is undoubtably a sneaker moment, and I’m also willing to explore the classic three stripe track pant, with a good roll of course. Athletic wear has been covered- post gym attire- a whole new void to fill.

The Babouche




Ryan Roche X Brother Vellies





                                     Love this CFDA winning co. Brother Vellies


bab7 copy

Seen on the SS16 Runway (The Row, Acne)




Ridiculously cool renditions from Sanayi 313 (both photos above)


I’m so down with the Babouche for spring. The style is birthed from a traditional North and West African shoe that dates back centuries. With the thinnest of soles, slightest of frames, and the ease of just a simple slip into- makes it pretty just right for Spring- I’m always in when it comes to exploring minimal, flat footwear options.




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