being jo

when things look the way i feel

the sharpie effect



when i was young i used one rule of thumb with my artwork, outline in black. it made my average flower, bubble letter, traced disney character pop off the page and look somewhat decent. i take this life lesson and run with it for bathroom decor. that black outline makes my jaw drop. granted these are all majestical spaces to brush your teeth but those black accents seem as if a decorator waved their tasteful wand and screamed “let there be life!”

skirts from A to Knee


how does it happen all of the sudden? skirts were always the separate dresses that caused confusion and posed outfit complications i couldn’t be bothered with. instantly they seem so easy- not only so easy, also the only answer. i’d risk my calves in toronto winter for them, i’ll pair them with most sweaters i own, heck i’ll wear them over my pants if i have to- and i’ll look like a gosh darn lady the whole time.

isa arfen


if i celebrated christmas, and i worked in an office i would walk into my office christmas party and while donning isa arfen my outfit would say ‘i’m the boss now.’ just when you think there hasn’t been anything new in contemporary since the beginnings of lim and wang in comes a new player to the game. this collection makes me wish i were a designer. i am especially loving the long sheer white shirt idea- it feels like an updated cher horowitz in the best way.

yasmin sewell




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