being jo

when things look the way i feel

show off


i never want to be a walking billboard for a fashion label. i love designer things but always make sure to ask myself before spending the big bucks if i’m doing so over brainwash or because i truly love the item. then there’s hermes… why am i ok with overlooking their blatant logo? i like to believe it’s because everything they sell has beautiful craftsmanship, it’s the creme de la creme- ¬†even kim kardashian can’t diminish it’s timeless class. i can’t deny that even me (the person who claims not to give rat about namesake) keeps every box, every ribbon and believe my camel hermes blanket will make any house a home.

lifted levi’s


does this mean we can all stand up and be proud in our cottage jeans at night? or walk the streets in the daytime wearing brilliant footwear without feeling like a prissy try hard? the answer is both. i stand behind this style- i feel all of us who get it feel like we invented it, like a torn up jean and beautiful shoe make complete sense. i am aware that to men this appears awkward, ridiculous- why spend all that money on nice shoes to pair them with the most unattractive jeans ever made. doesn’t matter, putting this style aside would be like me asking them to reject a heady brew in an irish pub on a Super Bowl sunday.

baby, it’s even cold inside


now i get that as a living being it is questionable to feel ok about keeping warm with the fur of another creature- but let’s take a tip from the vikings on this one. fleece just won’t do it, flannel- no thank you. i’m all about comfort, and spending for luxurious comfort- where can i sign up?

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