being jo

when things look the way i feel

rug on rug on rug



one of my least favourite things to do is take measurements. not sure why, unfortunately anything involving a number of any kind get’s thrown into my “i hate this” column. layering rugs not only seems like a way around my dreaded steps for accuracy, it gives the opportunity to show off one of my favourite skills- making the unworkable perform in a an unexpected role. some of my most treasured rugs (the torn up persians that my husband keeps hiding in closets) are just too dang small- the solution is throw them on top of another small rug, or a big rug, or a big rug and a small rug.

caroline de maigret- there’s something about you


i’m really digging caroline de maigret’s dishevelled french girl style. her ombre wavy bang situation looks so natural on her- like she’s had that hair since she was five years old. she just seems so comfortable in her skin and has a unique air to her. i’m generally not down with the eighties, it takes a lot for me to overlook a pleat but a couple of these pics of caroline are helping me face my fear.

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