pumped up kicks


phoebe philo is so cool in her stan smiths. i am going to have to get a pair of these when they re-release in 2014 for women. the blank canvas of sneakers.


golden goose looks like the pair of sneakers that have been fished out of a garbage can- i mean this in the best way possible. they also come with a hefty price tag to get them looking so authentically dilapidated.


in the sixth grade i had a pair of lime green suede new balance running shoes. i think they single handedly upgraded my social status from loser to not so loser. i guess in my ripe age of 27 i am starting to see trends come back around again. don’t get me wrong my closet has never been barren of sneakers there have always been a few converse, and a vintage new balance kicking around for weekends but they’re looking so good with everything- maybe even skirts, maybe even leather pants… i just don’t want to see men start wearing them with suits again, that’s a style we should let yeezus one man show. this baby boom of sneakers is the aftermath of the omnipresent isabel wedge – maybe everyone has come to their senses and thought ‘hmm maybe i don’t want wedges for my casual errand running shoe aha i just want sneakers.’