being jo

when things look the way i feel

the original pinterest board


there was a time when my walls were splattered with spice girl posters, ck one adds, prepubescent jtt centerfolds, and polaroids of me and my girlfriends in abercrombie tees. the project was never complete, the wall matured as i did, men grew facial hair, musical groups played instruments, my girlfriends and i developed cleavage. with all of the pinning, instaing, facebooking my fingers have not grasped a magazine page and torn in years. there’s something about seeing an actual image in the flesh. electronic photos are dropped into the internet abyss. i can only hope to remember my passwords and key words to shuffle up these images of the past for my grandchildren. it would be devastating to think the only concrete legacy of my taste will be a cardboard box in my dad’s basement filled with 90s teeny bopper garbage. new years resolution: continue blogging and pinning, but also purchase a cork board and save some actual photos.

acne shearling


this coat has been around for a couple of seasons now and i am still feeling it. my favourite colour is the mossy brown with grey sheepskin. i’ve been avoiding trying it on for over a year now because i know i won’t be able to resist it. i’m a little hesitant about the dropped waist belt situation, but maybe i’m just telling myself that so i can forgo the coat. it looks so cozy, and seems like the obvious answer for a canadian (me) who is denied the privilege of throwing on their coolifying leather biker jacket for six months out of the year.

bucket lis bag- mansur gavriel



it’s refreshing to be yearning for a bag that is not by a mainstream designer with a massively obnoxious price tag. i appreciate the simplicity of it, i almost wish it didn’t have a coloured liner and remained utterly minimalist. if there is a santa clause taking letters from jewish girls i’d be happy to send him one asking to please fulfill my bucket list bag wishes- i’ll take the black bucket, and i’ll wear a white shirt and jeans with it, and getting dressed that day will look and feel effortless.

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