miuccia nostalgia

by jolevitan


as the new year approaches it is import to reflect on the past. i have come to the conclusion that in 2012 circa black friday/boxing day when i had the chance to snatch some of these glorious prada graphic prints i failed my “only buy if you must have, and will still love years down the road” theory. the only concrete item i have to declare my undying love for this collection is a tie i picked out for my husband (although it is an AMAZING tie, he always gets compliments, it’s always the one i pick for him to wear, and i will find a way to wear it even though women in ties frighten me.) this collection makes me want to go to a drive in movie, studio 54, and would be my choice garb if i could hang out with jimi hendrix in heaven. needless to say, next time i see a collection that makes my heart thump and blood surge like prada 2012 i will work a little harder for it. history has shown that chances are i’ll feel the same way two years later.