emmanuelle alt belting out



alt is cool, cool is alt. i’m going to assume we are all comfortable with this notion by now. last weekend i went rummaging through my apartment in search of a braided leather belt that i could synch my cocoony grey coat with a la alt and to my displeasure i could not find the right one. i was also perplexed as to what i would do with this belt when i had to take my coat off… i guess this style calls for a big bag. i could post a gazillion pictures of alt she is so natural, boyish yet attractive, uncomplicated, french, and looks like she could swear and smoke with dignity (maybe that speaks to the french part.) a belt is one of those unchecked marks on my to do list that has been staring at me blankly for too long, the good news is it’s a long winter and i have lots of coats that will look great with my black braided belt once i find it.