being jo

when things look the way i feel

love for carven



carven holds a special place in my heart. i’m always flabbergasted at the extraordinary pieces that go on sale. i guess it’s just not for everyone and most people i know would sooner grab a lim or wang at full price. i’m starting to feel carven’s tipping point spawned by the new bambi hide that’s popping up on every blog (i get it, it’s awesome.) when i was in hong kong i spent most of my shopping time in the carven store trying on every piece… it was hard to walk away without most of them. i love how understated and wearable it is, but always features a unique detail that makes it carven perfection.

otomi fabric



yellow otomi on sofa in my friend lindsi’s apartment




i first came to love otomi fabric when i saw it draped on my friend lindsi’s sofa in her walk in closet. she has since used that gorgeous throw to upholster cushions in her daughter’s room. the fabric is so cheerful and bright. next time i’m in mexico i will sneak away from the beach to hunt down some of these fabrics to use as i please around the home.

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