being jo

when things look the way i feel



i am so in love with all my cozies. sometimes when i find the perfect cozy/chic outfit i keep it on for well over it’s expiry… sometimes wear them to questionable events, and still buy them when they are inconveniently dry clean only. mmm scrumptious grey cashmere, delicious worked in sweat pants, thin cotton longsleeves… worth every penny every time.

pink hair don’t care (had to)



is there a sexier woman in any movie ever than natalie portman in closer wearing that pink wig? no. this is not a place i’m willing to go with my personal style, the bleaching, the killing of hair, the look at me… it just ain’t gonna work with my daily look. however, i did have my husband get into a heated bargain with a street haggler in new york over a baby pink wig a few years back. this wig is stored with my treasured tulles, and costume jewellery for a special night out. new years eve 2014? i don’t know how i could ever feel incomplete if i looked in the mirror and saw soft, delicious, cloudy pink strands surrounding my face.

papier martinique



this wallpaper transports me into a grandmothers palm beach kitchen, crusts cut off my egg salad sandwich, school out for christmas holidays, spick and span white linoleum tile beneath my feet, a day broken up with beach, mall, and american television. i could say i got comfortable with this iconic print from lady lunches at the beverly hills hotel, but that would be a lie. i feel these pangs of sentimentality because it was the paper that decorated blanche’s bedroom in the golden girls.

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