coqui coqui, i’m ready to revisit mexico

by jolevitan




yesterday night the theme to my destination-less internet escapade was if i were to jump on a plane and get away from this ice storm where would i go? i’ve gone on the same journey several times this week with no answer. coqui coqui was the gem i’ve been seeking. i generally don’t love the idea of a beach vacation, the bedrooms always look kinda dingy, the resorts too big, even the super high end resorts often don’t  get me dreaming. i love the boutique natural feel to these hotels. coqui coqui has four locations in mexico, the only one that seems to have beach is in tulum which is perfect for me because i’ve had my sites on tulum, seems smaller and more bohemian than it’s sunburnt, black out drunk, teen infested neighboor cancun. the decor is alarmingly stunning, the couple that opened these hotels must be incredibly cool. not surprisingly the nine room hotel is pretty booked solid- i’ll get there someday.