good morning christmas- where are all my presents?

by jolevitan


jews don’t get presents on christmas morning. we get movies, chinese food, and some stale latkas from the freezer. see when i was a kid i believed chanukah was an equal swap, my christian friends would point out that i had eight whole nights to collect- as i got older i slowly came to realize chanukah is no christmas… it actually has nothing to do with gifts, it actually could be one of the least important jewish holidays. regardless the christmas spirit still rubs off on me. i woke up this morning and peered out the window looking for lit homes, imagining the excitement going on in those warm tinselled rooms, warm breakfast, giddy children tearing open gifts, families in matching red pyjamas, egg nog, mariah carey, a plate by the fire with cookie crumbs left from santa, tree standing holy and bright, dreaming was just enough to start my christmas morning off right.