being jo

when things look the way i feel

the slit split skinny



the skinny has been going strong for close to a decade now. there have been a few pretend comebacks of the bell (which i also happen to love), a stint with the boyfriend, but nothing’s stuck quite like the skinny pant. even those who thought they’d never dare shove their butt into those tight tapered pants have succumb to the trend- i’d bet you can even snag a pair at costco. what’s making them extra fresh is the slit at the ankle, i love the way a slit or inside zipper (not so into the outside zipper for some reason) showcase shoes and add a little ankle sex appeal. best part is i’ve created this look within my closet by simply taking some scissors to some old gap jeans.

suit no tie



i go absolutely nowhere that requires me to wear a suit. i’m warming up to the idea that there may not have to be the perfect occasion. i think i could jazz it up enough to make it fit for a dinner out, or a casual indie wedding. i like the idea of having something so put together and messing it all up with unexpected shoe, jewellery, and scarf decisions. 

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