being jo

when things look the way i feel

can you tie it in a knot? can you tie it in a bow?



i have an immaculate hermes silk scarf that my mother so kindly passed down to me a few birthdays ago. the amount of times i have tied it around my neck, head, or purse and almost walked out the door are countless. at the last second i always back out in the fear of looking like my name is trudy my drink is a gin tonic, i wear loafers, a longchamp bag and khaki’s. i think these photos have inspired me to take the plunge- i can make it look cool, just need to tie it on with a little edge.

squatters on the banquette



banquette’s are just so fun, who doesn’t like the feeling of squishing in and feeling like you’re at a restaurant? the tufted leathers are so chic, they could transport you as far as a bistro in paris.

it’s apocalyptically cold- let’s start a fire



turns out global warming can bring any extreme weather systems- here in canada that means ice age lows. i am yearning for a fire- in a condo that’s not an option, mind you, my light fixture just melted itself in a freak accident, does that count? i am not asking for a fireplace i’m asking for one in every single room. the wind is blowing through my window panes and these fireplaces look so magnificently cozy.

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