being jo

when things look the way i feel

mmmmmarni pre fall 2014



love the furs, love the shoes, love the styling. the title of this post is inspired by my favourite name for a quick service restaurant mmmmmmmuffins (did they ever consider how people would feel when saying the name aloud?)

linda rodin- silver-haired fox



i go scavenging for grey hairs about once a week, on the odd occasion i find one sprouting and pluck it out with fiery. i’m trying to look at them as little lane ways that represent my segue into adulthood, neutral realities of life. i can’t deny that one day my greys will outnumber my brown hairs and when they do i can only hope that i carry myself with the elegance and style that is linda rodin.

life is a bowl of confetti


confettisystem is a company that specializes in all confetti decorations, no surprise their installations looked familiar, they’ve been featured in new york magazine, j.crew, opening ceremony, lane crawford etc. i love confetti and would like to perform some diy’s with the medium (with the help of my sister of course.) any party that involves confetti is my kinda party. i’ve also thought why not take a mundane space (office, laundry room) and add a little? couldn’t hurt.

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