being jo

when things look the way i feel

panda prancers



the contrast on these shoes is so sharp. i’ve been on the hunt for black and white ferragamo flats for years, it’s always been my favoured combo in the iconic shoe. this season i’m loving the B&W boots- so chic.

glamping at home



as i sit in my apartment sniffling with my mundane mid winter cold i should be grateful that my biggest contemplation is whether to watch dateline and 20/20 in my bedroom or on the couch. instead i’m wishing i had a fort, or teepee (with cable of course) allowing me to hibernate to the extreme. yesterday i was very close to talking my husband into creating a fort out of our living room, i stopped short with my begging when i envisioned my dog pushing at the walls of it until it collapsed and the clean up that i would procrastinate for potential weeks. these are so adorably romantic, and after looking at these if you have a kid how could you not have a teepee in their playroom?

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