merry row rounds

by jolevitan



it was a brisk fall day in mid october, the sun was out, i had been crying the night before (can’t even remember why) and had a severe case of puffy eye syndrome. my mother took me for a walk and shop and we landed at the gap. to my surprise the GQ aviator nation colab was on the racks and to cheer me up my mom bought me an entire rainbow outfit. as i looked at my sad face in the mirror surrounded by all these magnificent brights i proclaimed “i shall wear this outfit until i heal.” walking out of the gap i felt accomplished, i reached into my purse to grab my illesteva tortuous shell round glasses and to my horror they were gone. i ran back into the store, checked every pocket on my body, left my number with a clerk and had to face the streets without my uniform shades that disguised my billowy under eyes. since then i’ve been wearing my plan b’s (round ray bans) and as john lennony cool as they are they are too flimsy and scratched up for everyday. i’m planning to hit the ebay streets (hate paying full price for designer sunglasses, seems like a rip, doesn’t everybody have a sunglass guy?) for a pair of these suckers, rounds are my shape and these row 8’s are everyday worthy.