being jo

when things look the way i feel

bold decisions for commitaphobes



i’m undecided on how i feel about this yet but i’ve been seeing tons of photos pop up with half way painted walls. in some ways it reminds me of a hospital if the ceilings are too low but when there’s more breathing room above it’s starting to look pretty interesting to me. it’s a good solution for those too fearful for a complete blackout.

i’m going to get pierced


i pierced my cartilage in junior high and it really hurt, it also never fully healed. i gave up and took it out after years of infections and sleeping with my fingers in the shape a of a peace sign cradling my ear to guard it from the weight of my head against the pillow. believe it or not i’ve decided i’m willing to try again. this time i will opt for the needle instead of the gun (i hear this is a much safer way to go) and will diligently clean it twice a day from the beginning. i think the act of going for a piercing is worth the excitement, any of my girls want to head down to queen for old time’s sake get a piercing, and shop around for an afternoon? 

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