being jo

when things look the way i feel

miroslava braving the cold



as the snow blankets our city i am starting to wonder if this is a glimpse as to what life is like in siberia over the winter months. father winter is one powerful unforgiving patriarch this year. who better to draw inspiration from the former harper’s bazaar russia editor miroslava duma. she comes at aggressive weather systems with exuberance, color, and fur- love her attitude.

colour in neutral tone



i’m not sure exactly how to describe this new palette that’s helping me envision a room painted anything but white or black. they’re toned down making them feel almost neutral, aged, like they are meant to be there and always were.

sweatpants anonymous


on sunday night i sent my friend a text prior to her superbowl party “is it going to be just us? can i wear sweats?” to which she replied “we’re in sweats already.” i haven’t taken them off since. i need help. sweatpants are an addiction that is accepted within my community. i’m not sure if it’s a canadian thing, a camp people thing, regardless it’s uncomfortably difficult to get out of the sweatpant stoop when you’re as deep in it as i’m finding myself this winter. i must confess i bought a pair of skinny sweats and sometimes i find myself throwing a chunky sweater over them and wearing mid heel boots… i don’t want to be this person, i need to stop. i guess the first step is this confession, the second stop toying with the idea of the phillip lim jewel encrusted sweatsuit (1st pic.)

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