dressing for the girls, or yourself, or a man with taste

by jolevitan



i guess in modern translation what i’m avoiding to say is man repelling (in a less aggressive, non arm party kinda way.) last week i was on the hunt for a long black dress to wear as a bridesmaid for my sister-in-law’s wedding. after a deep hunt i fell into intermix and grabbed a long black dress excited that there was one that fit the criteria. after squeezing my way into it i admired myself in the change room mirror. lace panels followed the lines of my body exposing my skin. for all purposes it should have done the trick, unfortunately i looked about as natural as a pitbull in a tutu. i concluded once again i am just not that girl, i ended up finding a carven covered yet body hugging dress later that day that made me feel like me- i feel hot, therefor those that love me will think i look it. i take this lesson into my casual everyday look and shall allow myself the pleasure of feeling feminine in oversized coats, tomboy jeans, and flat tready shoes.