missed opportunities while salchowing through life

by jolevitan



i caught a glimpse of yuzuru hanyu’s gold medal winning performance last night (pic 2) and was taken by the gradation and bejewelment of his costume. after a bit of research turns out his costumes are designed by non other than johnny weir, seems yurzuru is his protege sporting weir’s designs around the globe (many mimicking weir’s past getups.) i tried to find more skater inspiration but the women are still in baby blue velvet, and men still look like matadores for the most part. not to turn skating events into the oscars (best dressed overshadowing the craft) but isn’t this a missed opportunity? i happen to enjoy watching a good triple toe loop here and there- i’d go as far as PVRing if tara lapinsky (or whomever is the skater du jour) was wearing philip lim, and kurt browning in rick owens.