the standard miami

by jolevitan



my love affair for the standard miami has led me to palm springs (after realizing that’s it’s inspiration), an almost wedding in miami (ended up in toronto), dirty bingo nights, massages, and a few dinners on the grounds. for the next few days it is finally my home. in a city like south beach i find it tough to sit still, ignore all of the shops and action- here at the standard is where the yogi’s, relaxed folk, and anti stiletto’s at the pool people unite. it has that mid century palm springs motel feel. ping pong tables, hammocks, popsicle machines, mid afternoon bbq’s, mud baths, and a juice bar to boot… my plan is to spend a full 24 hours not leaving the grounds which won’t be tough after my ‘hurts so good’ massage. not trying to brag, just sayin’, there is nowhere else i’d rather be.