being jo

when things look the way i feel

my cami nyc



i somehow found this line on instagram through a friend. i believe it is a toronto girl (who moved to nyc) who started this brand. i have yet to see and feel them live but am loving the precious virginal lace cami’s. i’ve always been intrigued by companies that start by just doing one thing right- my cami nyc appears to fit the bill. my blazers have been pining for a feminine touch.

trenching towards spring



i hereby state that i shall not approach another spring trenchless. i have a shrunken down navy trench which is unfortunately the opposite of what i need. i’m on the lookout for a loosy goosy, light weight, flasher gone luxe, waist cinching, ‘who cares what’s underneath’ cover up for my puddle jumping to come. it’s been on my ‘must have’ checklist for what seems like ever… time to get busy, seems spring is waiting for me to get equipped.

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