being jo

when things look the way i feel

gender neutral bedrooms erring on the side of masculine



as a married woman (?!?! still wrapping my head around my stage in life) one thing i vow to never do is emasculate my partner in this journey by pinkafying, frufruifying, pastelifying the bedroom. if you are paired up in this journey isn’t it important to leave the bedroom fair game? it is a place i would prefer my man to be in touch with his masculinity. coupled or not the bedroom is not one to neglect, the rule of keeping the bedroom door shut when company comes knocking is for hoarders- people are curious where you sleep. i find great inspiration in hotel bedrooms (maybe a post to come?) who doesn’t like feeling the luxury of a staycation every night, annndd they’re generally unbiased.

birthday’s are the best days


today was my birthday and by golly did those around me make me feel special. it began early this morning when i walked towards the coffee machine and saw a big box all tied up in a bow. to my surprise my sneaky little son albér reads my blog daily, and just yesterday pawned all of his bones to get me the trench coat i fell in love with. this was followed by brunch with dad, moved me into an old fashioned hang out with my mom and sis- and then got topped off with a lobster dinner with family. facebook messages sprinkled throughout the day, phone calls from my tried and true, and a cake made of fruit to my delight. the photos above are of the thoughtful gifts from the fam- feeling so loved and spoiled to bits… 

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