photographer’s as subjects

by jolevitan


i’m still working out my feelings about the infamous kimye vogue cover- i’m not a fan but not yet sure exactly how to express why. my friend jenn argued that we the people put them on the cover, kimye is what’s current, what sells magazines. the abundance of photos of street style photographers themselves with camera’s in hand got me thinking… is it possible that the fashion set are trending towards the opposite? the subtly stylish folk, the unknown, the career minded driven fashion people that slug it out everyday to live their dream. stories of people like leandra, elin, yasmine are much more interesting than those of kim, nicole. i think it’s an east coast moment… fashion people can relate to those who mix zara with wang with saint laurent rather than someone who has effortless access to birkin’s, so much so they’re willing to graffiti a few for fun. kimye is just too recognizable- we the people i would hope could throw those between the lines on the cover of vogue magazine.