what about your friends

by jolevitan



when i saw some of the pics from fashion week featuring some of my fave bloggers/editors/fashion people high fiving, laughing, and linking arms, it gave me the same warm fuzzies as carrie and the girls. fashion week street style is turning it live sex and the city, i mean that’s where we’re all getting our inspiration from isn’t it? i would nearly fall off my chair if we could give some more dialogue to the life and friendships of some of the street trottin moguls- fashion week docu series? a game i started playing with my friend randy (after we noticed our gazillionth matching ish attire) was pointing out the similarity between friends on the street, turns out we’re not the only ones… once we kept our eye out we saw double man buns, two times colourful flats and skinnies, even men comradding in seinfeld sneaker attire… anyhow fun game when sitting in traffic. exteriors aside, friendship makes the world go round, the weekends on the horizon so go enjoy your friends!