being jo

when things look the way i feel




at the end of the day aren’t we all just looking for love and the perfect somewhat affordable slab? life was so simple when carrera was the answer to all- but as it’s trickled down the mainstream, and carrera’s pores are soaking up stains, proving the impracticalities that come with the breed, seems the hunt has shifted to less ubiquitous slabs with a little bit of je ne sais quoi. in fear of black appearing 80’s i think i’d go for a slab that tells a story through it’s unpredictable veiny roads.

hey burl hey



burled wood has been on my mind ever since i ran my hands over the beautiful milo baughman sideboard that stands so handsomely in my friend randy’s entryway. he divulged to me that this was a new york flea market find (argh canada and our non flea friendly nation.) after cruising 1st dibs quite the find it was. this wood can be over shellacked and god forbid reddish but the mid century burled pieces (especially milo baughman) are sooo stunning.

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