being jo

when things look the way i feel

fringed fashion



fringe could be the next sequin- that little bit of pizazz added to what could’ve been a mundane day. how could anything go wrong when you can twirl around showcasing little strings of glory waving in the wind? in my teens i went to cuba with a bunch of girlfriends- three out of the five of us fell in love with cuban men for the week. my friend jo (we are two jo’s that ride together often referred to as jo squared) chose a partner in a man named rudy. on our final night he he showed up to the disco and with a smile filled with the whitest teeth, and even whiter silk fringed pants proclaimed “tonight, my pants, they dance with me.” 

are brimmed hats for d bags?



whenever i try on a wool panama hat of sorts (which has been many) i take it off because somehow it seems a little too try hard. last week i worked on a shoot with a theme of rock and roll, for the shoot we bought a vintage black wide brimmed hat and when we placed it on the male model who had shoulder length hair he instantly morphed into character. i have come to the conclusion that perhaps a worn in hat comes across more authentic- listen it all has to be right because if it’s not a hat can be an epic disaster, making one look like a tourist on robertson pretending to be someone. the other dilemma is once it’s on your head you’re kinda stuck with it for the day- i plan on testing these waters- maybe starting with a short jaunt so i’m not too committed. 

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