surfboard…surfboard- said as beyonce

by jolevitan



i’d like to come back in my next life as a surfer girl. myself on a surfboard would be a circus, i can hardly walk in a straight line. these days i’ve been craving the feeling of zipping up a wet suit- almost brought me to buying one of those swim shirts (which by the way they call ‘rash guards’ at j.crew which is why i ditched the idea) that used to prompt my pointing and laughing at children. unfortunately, nothing about myself other than messy hair (which would be better with salt water within) screams surfer chic- kind of hard to present that image when i spend most my days see through repping “we the north.” i do happen to love LA and have a tenancy for attraction to brands like aviator nation, free city, and umm ugg, arm party stacks of colorful bracelets- although i don’t indulge too often. i’m realizing my oppressed love for these colorful almost tweenaged seeming brands is in a malibu surfing context- probably why they never feel quite right for myself. meanwhile, i’m headed to nicaragua next week to a yoga/surf school- if there’s one time in my life that i will attempt to hang ten it will be on them nica waves.