hide yo knees hide yo thigh

by jolevitan



i often share the elevator in my building with the sweetest older couple the size of peanuts. the husband always looks down at my jeans and in a whisper of a voice makes his favourite joke “did your pants get stuck in a garborator dear?” followed by a nudge to his wife “you must have a slack she can borrow, her knees are going to be cold.” each ride i chuckle as if it’s the first time i’ve heard his quip. the man’s got a point, my knee’s are cold. i recently bought a pair of levi’s made and crafter that have a patch on one side and an open knee on the other- my one regret is that flapping, ever growing gape… i’ve been toying with digging out the old sewing kit and patching it up for good, while i’m at it there are a few other pairs i’d like to take the needle to. i do wish i payed a little more attention in home ec.