healing in hammocks

by jolevitan



above photo, maderas village nicaragua, jo levitan




yours truly hammocking at maderas village, photo by: jo levitan

i state that the hammock is the utmost underrated piece of furniture. after ten days of on site research i can definitively affirm that they provide cradling comfort, forced relaxation, a platform to dream, an openness of mind, and a mild core exercise if prompted by a douche who tries to wake your oblivion with an aggressive push. unfortunately my last day in nica i fell ill which left me hammock ridden for ten hours straight, it was then i decided to embrace the breeze and ocean view while i decompressed in this beautiful handwoven swaddle. i’m big on bringing a piece of vacation home and tried to do so by visiting the factory in granada where blind men wove these beautiful hammocks- unfortunately none spoke to my senses, but i did return with the sensation of lightly swinging myself to a utopia where my mind stood still and basked in the rare freedom of being one with the moment.