pineapple pandemonium

by jolevitan



this one goes out to my man who in the past month has transformed from a coffee guzzling, burgergramming, carnivorous, bourdain engrossed being, to a seed munching, chia sampling, fruit inhaling, vitamixologist. in celebration of his newfound enlightenment we have celebrated by filling our home with an abundance of fruits- thus inspiring me to embrace their beauty and scatter them throughout the apartment in assorted bowls- the most regal of them all standing front row and centre. ‘king pineapple’ makes a massive statement for the ripe price of 3.99 (maybe 4.99 if you go organic… which to my health guru husband is a must.) a bowl of apples is so 90’s, and if they’re plastic, don’t talk to me… sorry crop tops, you lose again, pineapples are THE must-have item of S/S 2014.