one-piece wonder

by jolevitan



i was browsing at jonathan and olivia (on ossington) a couple days ago and found myself stuck admiring an isabel marant black, westernish, workerman like jumpsuit. the over talkative sales clerk suggested ‘that would look really cool on you.’ i snapped back ‘my bladder has chosen the fate in the matter of all things onsie, jumpsuit, romper…” it was the truth, i swore off anything of the sort for a few reasons a) i feel fashions for toddlers are unsexy, and a bit ridiculous on a grown woman, b) being a long torsoed being, makes for some potential wedgy high alerts, and c) i like to keep well hydrated and hate spending any unneeded moments in public ladies bathrooms. THEN yesterday i saw this tomboy my kinda gal walking down the street and oh boy did she wear that jumper well… so well i’m beginning to reconsider my aversion to the all-in-one. if i do go there it will be a long sleaved, button down, casually rolled up, sneaker style– to be real probably the very isabel one i saw…