blog scrollin: maja wyh

by jolevitan



over the weekend i was asked by a friend how i find the images i post. my answer, quite foggy and nondescript. my general starting point is pinterest, followed by clicking on links to pictures i like, and if that doesn’t lead me anywhere it’s over to my bookmarks bar where i have over 1000 categorized bookmarked blogs. getting lost in a internet trance of inspirational photos, for me, is almost more relaxing than sleeping- whether i was posting, pinning, or just doing it to unwind, blog surfing would be an integral part to my daily routine, on par with crosswording, coffee drinking, and dog parking. i recently bookmarked maja why blog after pinning enough of her photos to my fashion board. she’s a german blogger who is becoming the poster girl for layering, has a way of making h&m/zara look high end, wears vintage well, and takes some pretty nice shots. i’m liking her general aesthetic- at times her shoe/jewelry/sunglass decisions are a little much for my taste, but in general a solid blog to follow.