DIYing crafternoon

by jolevitan



i’ve once travelled down the road of DIY (do it yourself.) it turned into hiring somebody else to follow the DIY shelving i found on pinterest- worked out great FYI, but i did not feel the sense of accomplishment had i completed the task on my own. painting leaves is more my speed, building furniture is for the fine tuned folk. i clip photos of things i regard as within my reach- generally i find the DIY tutorials are in collage form which i have a strong aversion to pinning (aren’t their like a billion on buzzfeed that have turned into disasters anyway?) i’ve decided an image is enough to hit the streets of google if i must, or council my sister (creative, no task too big blessed being.) the weekend is a perfect time to start- i’d like to get my craft hat on, could result in some exciting new home wares, and if nothing else a therapeutic afternoon.