freeballin’ it for femmes

by jolevitan



 a few days ago i was walking my usual 15 paces to whole foods in a white linen blend t-shirt when i heard a whisper “nice bra.” the 30 something miserable boob shaming heckler didn’t have the tits to say it to my face, she uttered it to her friend upon my passing when it was too late for me to give her “i don’t give a..” eyes. as a modest chested woman i like to think my perks are that i do not have to wear a bra at all times – most especially when i’m in comfy gear, minding my own business. i would like to think that my fellow women are not judging others for asymmetry, nip to boob ratios, and all other boob imperfections that are the reality of a natural bosom, as for the men, if they aren’t aware of the natural imperfections again “i don’t give a…” now let’s talk about rihanna cfda- the girls got major chutzpah. seems nobody has issue with woman’s bodies through pornographic eyes, yet when one decides to flaunt it in an unexpected setting flare guns go off. all the power to her- and i love the fur, glitter, head scarf combo- from a fashion standpoint however perhaps the same rule for mini’s applies (lots of legs=covered on top) nips out= cover your crack.