nomad chic at home

by jolevitan



it always feels a tad pretentious/i’d imagine rewarding when one asks “where’d you get that?” and the response is “oh this delicious grey scarf? thank you… paris.” it’s the kinder way of saying “pshya you like it, cause every molecule is pure perfection, and you can’t get it.” a home filled with gizmo’s, blankets, skins, shells, sculptures, and maps from ones travels assures its being unique and personalized. the trick is having the eye to imagine these treasures out of context, it takes skill and patience to sift through piles of goods while balancing sensory overload, along with street hagglers. “oh you like this rug? i grabbed it at a market in burundi for 5,000 ($5) burundian franc.”now that my friends is gratification.