bathing in good taste

by jolevitan





bathing suits are pretty much the only garments i despise shopping for (along with most other women.) it’s not only the obvious of (what am i gonna have to see that i don’t want to focus on today/ever?) it’s also that for the most part the materials, cuts, colors, patterns are yick (unless you are willing to spend 500+ on eres.) quite frankly there is always something i’d prefer to buy. my solution has been to purchase one bathing suit every 5-10 years, a classic in a solid dark shade, it will be worn until transparent. i have always wanted a good one piece but find they are never long enough in the torso creating a c-tow i don’t wanna show. the way in which i express my beingjoness on the water is with the accoutrements, linen coverups (cp shades being my fave go to brand), bohemian loose dresses (isabel marant is an obvious, lem lem is also nice), a good sunglass, and the tried and true white button down shirt (swiped from husband’s closet.)