the classic white shirt

by jolevitan

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if i could only wear one shirt for the rest of my life it would  unquestionably be a classic white button down. every wardrobe needs three, a crisp long pristine, a boyfriendy relaxed wrinkle friendly, and a fine silk sophisticato- once the bases are loaded other takes on the classic are fully welcome, tuxedo, tailed, ruffled, bow tied… bring. them. on. my favorite white shirt is a theory cotton plain jane, slightly elongated, and just a tad oversized, dart free (imperative), cotton with a little bit of stretch. she’s often tucked in the front, sleeves rolled to the elbow, chestily unbuttoned, hanging freely in the back. without thee i would be lost and alone. the boyfriendy types are often swiped at the gap, j.crew, joe fresh, my husbands RRL dryer victims. as for the silks- slightly more complex, haven’t mastered that one myself but i’d imagine michael kors (not MMK, i have recently found that michael kors collection makes beautiful staples) would be a primo sale rack to scour.  for those ever in question just wear a white shirt and jeans… never a mistake.