leaving stuff out in the bathroom

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storage space and secrecy are notions of the past. i’m not so much a product girl myself, i often claim with pride that my collection consists of my moms hand me downs. i do however appreciate nice packaging and chose only to display the attractive items, deodorant, vaseline, and other essentials get tucked away in drawers… to my husband this may seem counter productive but it just looks better. i recently did a photo shoot in a beautiful apartment in montreal, the owner displayed huge glass vases filled to the brim with hotel sized lotions, perfumes, shampoos etc… it gave such a hospitable feeling along with looking playful and artistic. as a guest how wonderful to have little samples of luxurious products to test out- on my to do list of collections to start. p.s. she took this idea all over the house even having a massive urn sated with mini vodka bottles, my kinda host.