considering de verstoppen i.e. the clog

by jolevitan

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the last time i amused the clog it ended in blood and behemoth blisters. it’s been roughly  a  decade since the battle so perhaps my feet have been beat into immunity from grievous footwear. at any given time there is a throwback shoe trend that is both economical, and begs those around for the first go to state ” if only i’d kept those i’d give you the real deal.” to prove my statement some examples of such, the converse, the sorrel boot, the superga, the doc marten, vans, stan smiths, the birkenstock, etc. it seems there is always something you can put on your foot that sits around the hundred dollar mark and that your parents wore at some point. i’m open to the clog, i may have to break them in with a sock, and furthermore i’m expanding my acceptance to peep toe versions, booties, and heels. if you’re interested in joining the band-aid susceptible, clunkity crew check out swedish hasbeens.