being jo

when things look the way i feel

R13 for the rad

r137r1311 r1310 r139  r136 r135 r134 r133 r132 r13


R13 is one of those brands i’ve been slowly noticing myself gravitating towards. i put it in the same category as golden goose… tomboyish, cool girl staples, hard to justify price point, yet tough to resist. i fell for their westernish black all in one and have been watching the ticket waiting for the sale to hit- no luck yet. it’s sold at tnt in toronto for those who are interested in being rad- is rad a cool word? does my saying rad make me cool or uncool?

you say caramel i say cognac

cognac16 cognac15 cognac13 cognac12 cognac11 cognac10 cognac9 cognac8 cognac7  cognac5 cognac4 cognac3 cognac2 cognac


i have an aversion to leather furniture based on a black leather couch my parents had in our den growing up. i vividly remember my face slowly peeling off of the cushions post nap, and the sticky pull my bare legs endured when rising after an episode of saved by the bell. i’m now coming to terms with the anger i have held onto for decades and am finding forgiveness in my heart for my dear parents who i’m sure were so proud of their 80’s leather sofa. i have also since sat on leather furniture that is soft enough for a babies butt. this cognac color is so rich and delicious looking, and adds warmth to a predominantly black and white interior. if my tan leather tunic is any illustration of how lighter hued leathers react to moisture, these pieces are not spill/saliva proof so keep your mouth closed, or grab a pillow.

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