bed bath sarong & beyond

by jolevitan

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while making a packing list for my trip to nica this past may i consulted with my travel buddy jenn- she then exposed her must haves for all adventures, puka shell necklace (brings good luck or something), manly levi’s cutoffs, and her turkish towel… i have to hand it to her- this turkish towel should be a staple for all. uses: sarong, towel, blanket, scarf, bath mat, wall decor, picnic blanket, alternative to beach chair, dish rag… not only does it look natural and relaxed it also dries super duper fast, doesn’t hold smell, and is for the most part stain proof. they just so happened to sell them at the place we stayed, madera’s village (if you’re in the market these are made locally, and are part of madera’s collective which is an amazing initiative that you should check out if you like shopping with a conscience.) i’m also loving them as hand towels in the kitchen, and bathroom at home.