when there is no IT

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shop from the top: 1. mark cross, 2. mark cross, 3. the row, 4. the row, 4. mansur gavriel, 5. saint laurent, 6. celine, 7. celine, 8. bottega veneta


IT started at forest hill collegiate, first day of ninth grade. victoria’s secret love spell polluting the air, elita tank tops busting at the seams of freshly blossomed tweens, abercrombie sweats hanging from the hips revealing ck underwear, and brown and beige bags hanging from their shoulders- ah the bliss of not being able to identify the LV monogram. By christmas of that year i was one of the heather’s with a little baby vuitton of my own- barf. i thank the skies above i outgrew the having just for the sake of having mentality. that’s not to say i don’t love a good bag but who wants to buy IT when everyone and their mother has IT- that’s a lot of dough to fit in. however, there are only so many good timeless bags, so without a doubt i realize i will not be the only one to make a good decision- it’s important to ask oneself do i like this bag for who she is? or what she represents? as far as where my heads at these days- i’m getting really turned off of gold hardware for the most part (my prediction is everything is going to go silver and all of the gold is going to look yesterday), i’m intrigued by mark cross, wondering why more designers haven’t gone more streamlined (a la celine), wish more bags had a crossbody strap, and longing for more suede selections.