naked nails

by jolevitan

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“pick your color” has always been such a loaded order- d’ya think i preselected? how can a pastel blue feel so accurate one day, and crucify an ensemble that very night. i’ve always leaned towards the deep bluey reds and the nudish flesh tones when it comes to my big decision, in my experience these are the safest of choices. lately however that glossy finish just doesn’t seem right- what’s more attractive than an unpolished virgin nail? i’ve gone bare on the hands and feet and am freed of the burden that is waiting for dryness, regretting my choices, anxiously inspecting imperfections- and i’m also finding a blank canvas hand is a much better showcase for accessories. my feet are not looking their best but i believe with time and perseverance they will regrow velvety smooth untainted keratin. our nails deserve a break, perhaps the obsession with constantly painting them is a procrastination on dealing with bigger decisions that need to be made.