to zara or not to zara

by jolevitan

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i struggle with the idea of spending my money on fast fashion. i realize the instant gratification of being able to afford and sport the latest trends instantly, and often find my wardrobe lacking in variation. most of my stunners have been seen and worn to near death ( this is how i justify the opposite route of making firm decisions on high end items that will take me through multiple seasons and hopefully decades.) i’ve actually done a relatively good job at this but at times wish i could bight the bullet, have some fun at zara, and stop calculating how if i hadn’t bought two items i would be halfway to a stella sweater of my dreams. a countless number of stylish people i know are zara enthusiasts- taking pride in their skill at picking the standout pieces. today i perused online and must say found some good looking sweaters- but again… if i go… will i be taking away from the dream fund- or expanding my horizons?