front tuckers

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aka the mullet tuck, hockey hair tuck, shlong tuck (short/long), ten ninety… the mullet is always an easy way to describe short in the front, freedom in the back… and never not funny to google image. but seriously, my oversized shirts are begging for a little definition these days, a messy little under tuck in the front has become the missing piece that shows a little more shape, showcases a good belt, and assures others you are a. not pregnant, b. have a waist, and c. your pants do not have an elastic waistband. i was discussing the leather pant a few short days ago, urging that all forms that do not have a button closure are considered a legging which deem them overvalued and unadaptable. i am pleased to state that all of my pants are tuckable, and side state that skirts are ape drapable as well.