we be day clutchin

by jolevitan

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i had a little chat the other day with a handbag buyer for a high end department store in T.O. We began making NYFW street style predictions. She clearly stated that bags were gonna to take a backseat this year. We agreed and concluded that if the bloggers and editors were going to carry anything at all it would be a clutch. She then assured me to hold onto my money, for no handbag is worthy of my hard earned dollars in this flaccid moment- you know it’s dire when a highly handbag educated woman is telling you not to buy their sole commodity. Turns out- we were for the most part right- my fashion favorites have been clutchin their goods through the streets as if they have just robbed a bank pre show. I’ve always been a big fan of the clutch and further suggest that a day clutcher affirms themselves as one who is  intensely organized, rarely misplaces things, packs lightly, and remains acutely aware of their belongings. For if you are not this type- you would be decidedly unable to participate in this trend. Also attractive, a day with less baggage, simply holding the bare essentials, neck muscles at ease, and chic as hell to boot.