air bnb gems

by jolevitan

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funny story. my husband, dog, and i had a flight booked to visit my brother in law in atlanta and at the last minute decided, heck, let’s hit the open road- who needs to get on a tin can with wings (i’m a beyond terrible flyer- marge simpson bad.) So for the past couple of days we’ve been trucking along heading south. We stayed in Nashville for the night and are going to explore a bit today. last night we checked out some live country music and a prohibition style bar called patterson. today will look something like a vegan scramble at fido and some goop suggested vintage shops- simply delightful. got me thinking about air bnb- i love checking out new cities while keeping my homebody comforts in tact. this curiosity got me clicking around air bnb’s site where i found this jenna lyonsesque brooklyn apartment ( i’d love to do more road tripping- could be fun to base the route on bnb gems along the way.