bottomless cups and free wifi

by jolevitan

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in my google maps was barista parlor, nashville- estimated time… 13hrs. kind of funny having a siri or whoever the girl is lead my dog husband and i to a coffee shop 13 hours away. after a two minute research (data is precious with blood sucking rogers) i decided this would be our best jumping off point, an independent coffee shop in what seemed to be an up and coming cool part of town (east nashville.) i think this is a good rule of thumb when travelling to new cities because a) they have free wifi (which is as releaving as brushing your teeth after a night of drinking) when driving the open road for a decades worth of hours , b) much needed joe to get the juices flowing, c) patrons are generally willing to chat and if they’re at the cool coffee shop they generally know what’s up, c) there is most likely other cool stuff surrounding the said coffee shop, and lastly b) it is a sure way to get my husband to pipe down because he will inevitably need to check out the best barista in town- this gets that out of the way immediately. plan worked, we met two swell homegrown’s who guided us to our lodging and dinner plans, we also returned the very next day for our morning brew.